2D Mapping

Drone 2D mapping gives your engineers the insights they need to maximize productivity and efficiency on your ever-changing worksite. 2D mapping combines with high resolution aerial photography to provide a complete picture of your build’s status and next steps. All 2D mapping data is compatible with industry standard tools and ready to use without additional processing.

Our drone 2D mapping services enable you to:

Verify Build Adherence to Plans

Match plans to outcomes by enabling your engineers to overlay planned path of construction with your build’s progress. Experts can now pinpoint emerging issues in mid-project, saving time and money by preventing rework.

Enhance Worksite Logistics

Insightful logistical planning lets you raise efficiency and safety. You can reduce congestion points in your worksite and curb time spent looking for materials. Moving large items becomes simple using a complete site map with accurate measurements of loads and pathways.

Drive a True Safety Culture

Deliver end-to-end safety assessments of your site along with full visual documentation to certify your findings. Complete 2D mapping makes it easy to connect process to outcomes, allowing you to apply safety standards more consistently.

Plan and Optimize Routes

Well-planned routes may save hundreds of hours over the course of a project. You can update your maps any time as your site evolves. Make adjustments to bus routes, shipping vehicles, and walking paths and share them with the click of a button.

Place Equipment Efficiently

Plot siting for cranes and other equipment pieces, ensuring they can be placed and moved seamlessly. Drone technology facilitates precise measurement of all equipment so you can clarify best placement.

With our help, 2D mapping data captured by state-of-the-art aerial drones is a seamless extension of your strategic planning. Our cost-effective services, provided by drone engineering and piloting experts, require no investment in training, insurance, or equipment.

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