3D Modeling

Aerial image collection through drone technology enables 3D reality modeling with unparalleled sophistication. Even the most complex capital projects in construction, telecom, and industrial manufacturing become easier through digitization. Reduced need for on-site visits drives savings, raises efficiency and allows you to achieve more in less time.

Our drone 3D modeling services allow you to:

Resolve Conflicts Between Project Stakeholders Easily

Track level of completion or project phase, clarifying financial impact. Resolve disputes between subcontractors and stakeholders by referencing a single source of truth. Drive accountability among EPCs and others. Enable all relevant SMEs to review issues and provide input seamlessly.

Save Time and Reduce Risk with Remote Site Inspection

Perform remote inspections without ever setting foot at the project site. Engineers can view the progress of construction on their computers at any time, minimizing foot traffic. Secure your site and reduce the risk of injury while keeping everyone informed.

Accelerate Collaboration for All Stakeholders

Asset digitization facilitates clear and productive meetings with stakeholders across the hall or around the world. Information sharing in real time extends to job sites, too, so you can compare similar site developments across the entire project portfolio.

Perform Stockpile and Depression Area Volumetric Measuring

3D meshes allow engineers to evaluate the amount of dirt, gravel, or other material available while verifying the precise dimensions of a depression to be filled.

Create a Complete Historical Reference for Asset Owners

Following project hand-off, the existence of a complete 3D historical reference allows asset owners to maximize the value of construction and make future changes. Owners can quickly reference location and depth of piping and other infrastructure.

Monitor and Manage Erosion at All Project Phases

Identify potential landslide or erosion risks before they become severe using 3D mesh for time-lapse comparison of hillsides and other areas affected by weather.

Partnering with Eye-bot Aerial Solutions means your project receives support from the top local drone engineers and pilots. Our services deliver value without painful integration into your existing data systems but also allow deeper levels of engineering analysis if and when required, you set the pace . You never invest in equipment, training, or insurance – it’s all done for you.

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