Meet the Team

Jake Lydick

In 2013, I came across an article in the paper about the drone program that the Minnesota Department of Transportation had implemented for inspections. With a background in construction and an interest in expanding the services I offer, I developed Eye-bot Aerial Solutions and got to work learning the information and skills necessary to provide the highest level of service.

As a licensed pilot and general aviator (with thanks to Mike Altemus, my Certified Flight Instructor), I have studied the National Airspace System and have passed this onto our pilots with safety as our core competency.

I believe that UAV technology allows industries and their customers to know more about their critical components than ever before and with a fraction of the risk to personal injury. Our small team works to stay on the cutting edge of this technology and to continue to develop our own as we offer state-of-the-art service to our clients.

Jake Summerill

Jake is a FAA-certified UAV pilot with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and was heavily involved in “robot wars” during high school. He is a driven, self-motivated individual as well as a complete drone nerd who flies in his spare time as a First Person View (FPV) drone racer. Jake has been instrumental in the refinement and development of our platforms as well as our proprietary designs.

Erik Takach

Erik is a FAA-certified UAV pilot. He is responsible for gimbal operations (camera control via radio) and the safe operation and maintenance of that system. Erik also flies in his spare time and is an avid photographer. He is always ready to reliably perform his duties for our clients.