Confined Space

Confined space drones are ideal to use for other traditionally expensive and high-risk inspections requiring scaffolding and intensive labor with specialized equipment. These drones provide a creative solution to a broad range of EH&S issues. 


Footage captured during these inspections can be reviewed by a visual inspector to determine whether the area requires manual entry for further inspection. Our pilots have gone through extensive confined space training in order to perform each operation as safe and efficient as possible. 


The use of drones provides a more efficient way of inspecting hazardous areas. Overcome liabilities such as scaffolding or roped entry into hazardous conditions by using a drone to navigate these hazardous environments.  

Previous Highlights

Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals – HRSG Burner Inspection – Performed a confined space inspection inside of a HRSG to ensure proper burner orientation was maintained during the lift and move into its final location. We were able to provide our client with high quality 4k video that can be used to inspect the current state of the HRSG burners as well as a begin a video log for future inspections. 

Voith – Hydro turbine inspection – Equipped with industry leading equipment and precision flying we performed a confined space inspection of a hydro turbine under the Ohio River. In the course of just a few hours, we performed a complete inspection of the turbine bulb and the stabilizers inside the dam. These components are crucial to optimizing electrical output while maintaining complete safety for personnel saving our client an estimated $90,000.