Construction Industry

Getting projects done on time and under budget is the hallmark of construction success. But even the best-run construction enterprises face unforeseen challenges every day. With the experts at Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, you can get accurate, actionable data that will help you stay informed and keep complex projects on track – while minimizing surprises from start to finish.

Pre-Construction Surveying

A surveying oversight can bring construction to a halt months or even years into the process. Eye-bot provides real-time 3D mapping to give you the complete picture of your site before any equipment arrives.

Site Monitoring Packages

Eye-bot drone professionals can provide you with total site monitoring for the life of your project. Through interactive construction timelines, you can observe progress in both 2D and 3D.

Cut/Fill Volume Calculations

Optimizing your cut/fill volume is essential to keeping efficiency high. Our expertise in 3D reality modeling offers highly accurate results in a fraction of the time.

2D and 3D Measurements

It’s never been easier to capture exact dimensions and geometry of all elements at a single click. Highly accurate reality models are delivered directly to you and meet your exact specifications.

As-Built 3D Modeling

CAD integration empowers you with overlays at any time. You’ll get 100% accurate verification without visiting the worksite. Deliver final specifications to your clients with confidence.

Our Drone Services Team Makes Your Projects Safer and More Efficient

Drone technology opens up fresh opportunities in construction, accelerating your timelines. Surveying, monitoring, and measuring never need to interrupt your day-to-day operations again. Your personnel can spend less time searching for inventory and more time getting the job done.

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions delivers all the benefits of drone technology with none of the hassle.

There’s no equipment to buy or lease, and our team absorbs the cost of maintaining top training and an updated drone fleet. Our experienced operators and engineers support you every step of the way. To learn more, contact us.