Eye-Bot Data Collection

The data collection process used by Eye-bot Data Solutions is like nothing else on the market today. Our accurate, comprehensive, granular data will interface seamlessly with all of your asset management systems. That means your projects stay on time, under budget, and yield the results you expect.

Our Data Collection Solutions Give You the Total View of Your Project

Every data collection project by the experts at Eye-bot starts by compiling a site-specific guide so our UAV pilots can capture every relevant fact about your project site. We translate your insights and feedback into the operating parameters we use to excel.

From there, our standardized data collection processes capture consistent, high quality results. Our data collection workflow has been extensively field tested across major industries, ensuring all mission critical information is made visible. That delivers a single source of truth for the entire project life-cycle.

Our methods include:

Reality Modeling

3D meshes provide precise real-world context for planning design, construction, and operations.

Aerial Imaging

Aerial imaging gives a true bird’s-eye view of a site suitable for tracking large-scale changes.

360-Degree Imaging

Our UAV technologies capture panoramic views composed of multiple high-resolution photos.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging verifies systems are operating within temperature tolerance and locates faults.

Digital Elevation Models

Precise terrain elevation data can be used to plan earthworks or mitigate environmental impact.

Inspection Imaging

Complete imaging of inspection activities furnishes full documentation of compliance activities.

Live Stream Video

Real-time encrypted video streaming facilitates visual inspection of assets from anywhere in the world.

Confined Space Inspections

Our team is certified in confined space inspections to protect your hard to reach industrial assets.

1080p and up to 6k Video

Highest-resolution video never misses a detail, right down to the serial number on individual parts.

2D Orthomosaics and Mapping

End to end 2D mapping keeps projects on track and stops mistakes before they happen and allows for PDF drawing overlay and plotting

Ground-Based Photography

Ground-based photogrammetry supplements aerial imaging to capture assets from all angles.

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