Eye-Bot Data Processing

Eye-bot Data Solutions provides all your site-specific data in convenient standardized formats ready to be used with today’s industry leading tools. You never have to waste time with pre-processing or formatting files to work with your existing GIS, CAD, or asset management solutions.

There are three pillars to our data processing approach:

Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems’ ContextCapture sets the world standard in reality modeling software. As a licensed Bentley Systems data processor, our team has reached the highest standard of excellence through the Bentley Reality Modeling Academy.

Combining advanced photogrammetry techniques and engineered data processing, we generate a complete digital “twin” of your physical assets – more quickly, effectively, and accurately than any other company. We deliver precise, affordable reality meshes with no additional business overhead.


Pix4D equips our clients with an integrated best-in-class orthophoto mapping solution. Pix4D enables centimeter accuracy coupled with quality reporting, a detailed and practical editing suite, ground control points, and checkpoints.

Some of its key features include:

Managing High Volumes of Data Easily

Through Bentley System tools, we are able to process a tremendous amount of data fast and error-free. Hybrid processing in ContextCapture enables engineering-ready reality meshes that are truly the best of both worlds: You get the versatility and convenience of high-resolution photography supplemented with point clouds from laser scanning to ensure definitive accuracy.

We can easily craft 3D models from a variety of inputs:

Trusted end-to-end data processing is an indispensable step on the way to a single source of truth. Operationalizing reality modeling through UAV-collected data has never been easier than it is with Eye-bot Data Solutions. To learn more, contact us today.