Want to integrate data collection into your long-term business strategy? Eye-bot Data Solutions helps you implement best-in-class tools, technologies, and processes. We’ll accelerate your time to value and empower you to align your data collection regime to your precise needs.

We offer these services:

Business Integration

We can help you select and implement the data collection and management solution that’s right for you. Our extensive expertise working with industry leading software allows us to engineer secure, efficient workflows that snap seamlessly into your existing operations.

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Data Collection

The data collection process used by Eye-bot Data Solutions is like nothing else on the market today. Our accurate, comprehensive, granular data will interface seamlessly with all of your asset management systems. That means your projects stay on time, under budget, and yield the results you expect.

Our Data Collection Solutions Give You the Total View of Your Project

From there, our standardized data collection processes capture consistent, high quality results. Our data collection workflow has been extensively field tested across major industries, ensuring all mission critical information is made visible. That delivers a single source of truth for the entire project life-cycle.

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Data Processing

Eye-bot Data Solutions provides all your site-specific data in convenient standardized formats ready to be used with today’s industry leading tools. You never have to waste time with pre-processing or formatting files to work with your existing GIS, CAD, or asset management solutions.

There are three pillars to our data processing approach:

Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems’ Context Capture sets the world standard in reality modeling software. As a licensed Bentley Systems data processor, our team has reached the highest standard of excellence through the Bentley Reality Modeling Academy.

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Quality Control

Inaccurate data is worse than no data at all. Eye-bot Data Solutions delivers high quality results with your accuracy standards in mind every time. Our proven multistep data verification process with best-in-class tools and practices equips you with reliable data for decision-making.

Unparalleled Experience with Industry-Leading Clients

With hundreds of hours of experience, we built the standard in continuous data collection for an oil super-major, now let us do it for you. Our UAV collection team has been Shell Aircraft approved which requires a thorough investigation into all aspects of our data collection and delivery services. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the world to perfect our data collection and delivery methods and can implement those same standards in every industry with companies of every size.

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Data Delivery

Other firms that collect orthophotographic data have a problem: First they capture your data, then you need to transfer it, process it and integrate it into your workflow. These extra steps can add weeks to the time it takes for the end product to add value to your business.

Eye-bot Data Solutions accelerates turnover by bringing data processing and delivery in-house. At every step of the collection process, work is done to streamline same day interactions with data. Delivery is seamless, happening almost as soon as data is collected.

Four best-in-class elements make our data delivery process the top of the line.

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