Eye-Bot Data Delivery

Other firms that collect orthophotographic data have a problem: First they capture your data, then you need to transfer it, process it and integrate it into your workflow. These extra steps can add weeks to the time it takes for the end product to add value to your business.

Eye-bot Data Solutions accelerates turnover by bringing data processing and delivery in-house. At every step of the collection process, work is done to streamline same day interactions with data. Delivery is seamless, happening almost as soon as data is collected.

Four best-in-class elements make our data delivery process the top of the line:

Easy Integration

Each of our clients get access to their own secure, interactive online portal that requires nothing more complex than a Web browser to view. We can also provide a lightweight and efficient reality model viewer. No matter which option you choose, you get a standalone data source accessible to the stakeholders you choose anywhere on Earth. Collaboration has never been easier than it is with us.

Bentley Systems Integration

The 3D models of your assets will integrate flawlessly with Bentley Systems MicroStation users and give you a visual base to your digital twin. MicroStation furnishes you with full-service CAD capabilities and the ability to quickly review, model, document, and visualize information-rich 3D and 2D designs. Its flexibility and power make it suitable for professionals working on the most complex infrastructure.


iHawk is the leading utilities inspection, survey, and asset management software – and it works with your existing GIS and asset management solutions with no extra effort. Its intuitive map-driven interface and color-coded dashboard give instant access to action items and gives you a detailed look into the life-cycle of your critical assets. It can even be used on a tablet out in the field.

Telecom, oil and gas, utilities, and renewable energy clients can all benefit from iHawk.

Data Security

Data security is central to iHawk with industry-leading encryption protecting your sensitive data from being compromised. Our ultra-secure cloud-based data storage and distribution is aligned with IT best practices that your clients, executives, and investors can trust.

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