Hydro Turbine Inspection

At Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, our team always goes the extra mile – in the air or underground.

As part of a recent collaboration with a hydroelectric power leader in the state of Ohio, our team members took the initiative and expanded our skills to meet the client’s needs. The client’s foreman and project manager needed a crucial visual inspection of equipment at an Ohio dam done quick.

The catch? The project site was underground: A full 50 feet beneath the Ohio River.

Saving a Client $95,000 in 24 Hours with New Technology and Tactics

Maneuvering any drone in such tight spaces is a challenge. Our team worked together to get specialized Confined Space training in time to deliver the high-resolution imagery, just a matter of days after our client contacted us through our website.

The client’s team was on a tight schedule and there would be only one chance to gather the intelligence they needed in time to move their equipment and personnel. A single mistake would set back the project, so we went to work fast.

Outfitting our drones with specialized lights, we were fully prepared and ready to go.

In the course of just a few hours, we performed a complete inspection of the turbine bulb and the stabilizers inside the dam. These components are crucial to optimizing electrical output while maintaining complete safety for personnel.

Our crew executed flawlessly in less time than planned.

The Client’s on-site foreman estimated we’d saved the company a minimum of $95,000 in one day.

A New Collaboration Could Be Just Around the Corner

Doing a big job underground was a historic first for Eye-bot – and it also made a big difference for our client. With our help, they were able to take important steps for improving equipment performance and exceeding their own goals for the project.

Not only that, but we were asked to travel to York, PA to present the rest of our capabilities to the client’s leadership team. We look forward to our future work together and hope that, when other hydroelectric firms need expert drone inspection services, they’ll give Eye-bot Aerial Solutions a call!