Insurance Industry

With $1.2 trillion in net premiums written, the U.S. insurance agency is the largest in the world. Yet, insurers must contend constantly with limited, unreliable data. Detailed documentation is necessary at every phase in the claims process, and multiple personnel must have access.

To make things more complex, damaged assets can cause hazardous inspection environments.

The solution to all these problems is the same: Drone technology.

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions partners with insurance industry leaders for fast, accurate evaluation of accident and disaster sites. It’s never been easier to get the data you need to succeed.

Services include:

3D Accident Mapping

Prompt collection of evidence related to vehicle accidents is essential. With drones, you can quickly and completely capture the entire scene of an accident. Without interfering with police or medical personnel, you get crucial data before anything can be tampered with.

Roof Inspections

Damaged roofs present acute hazards to inspectors. With high-resolution photos, videos, and 3D reality mapping, Eye-bot can assess the scene with unparalleled precision. Dozens of routine roof inspections may be performed in a single day without putting inspectors at risk.

Damage Assessments

Whether it’s a fire, flood, criminal activity or natural disaster, accurate assessment of the damage is essential to claims management. Drones can go where inspectors and adjusters can’t. At the touch of a button, our findings are delivered to your teams nationwide.

Disaster Response

Measuring the damage is a crucial first step to moving forward in the wake of disaster. Eye-bot’s drone experts perform fast, comprehensive imagery collection just hours after natural disasters strike. We can operate in flooded or burned-out areas long before debris removal starts.

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions is a Natural Partner for Insurance Enterprises

The drone engineers and pilots at Eye-bot Aerial Solutions are dedicated to offering you all the benefits of drones with none of the drawbacks. There’s no equipment to buy or lease and no training necessary: We integrate seamlessly with your day-to-day operations.

Our experts invest in the latest equipment and training so we’re always ready to meet your needs.

To find out more about drones, contact us today.