Oil & Gas

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions is always working hard to provide the absolute best in drone services for complex projects and the most demanding clients.

Our team has recently taken the opportunity to work with one of the biggest players in the world of oil & gas construction: Shell. As a Shell Aircraft approved UAS operator, Eye-bot now has over 1000 safe drone flights, 15 terabytes of data collected, Over 40 3d digital twins, 1000+ 360-degree spherical images, 250+ hours of flight time for the oil major.

The financial and time saving benefits from deploying our solutions will be immediately felt as your site develops. Our integration with the suite of Bentley Systems products acts as a perfect entry point to building your digital twin.

Data Collection, Monitoring, Modeling

Our drone operators will track progress and identify hazards while keeping stakeholders around the world informed. Executives and project managers will have direct access to 3D reality mapping and visual project timelines so they can see real-time progress and pinpoint possible issues.

Environmental Impact Awareness

We’ll monitor erosion, and other environmental impacts crucial to compliance and the long-term success of the project.

Project Site Safety

In the event of safety incidents, we’ll develop 3D permanent digital records to support root cause analysis and safer, more efficient operations. Our data will allow stakeholders to respond to and remediate problems while building new knowledge capital throughout the enterprise.

The experienced team of aerial photogrammetry professionals at Eye-Bot Aerial Solutions has been instrumental to the successful completion of projects ranging into the billions of dollars. Our accurate, actionable data accelerates and streamlines the biggest jobs.

Corporate Communications

It is true that we specialize in technical drone work like mapping and modeling, however, Eye-bot has the latest technology available to perform Cinema grade video up to 6k resolution and we have the experience using it for corporate productions. Our dual-operator setup allows the pilot to safely fly the drone while a gimbal operator controls the camera. Promotional imagery and video are always useful for putting “best foot forward” on your capital project. Our experience and skill capturing aerial media won’t disappoint even the toughest producer or DP.

No matter if you’re planning oil & gas construction or any other sophisticated, cutting-edge project, Eye-Bot Aerial Solutions can help you get it done on time and under budget.

To find out more, contact us today.