Pictures and Videos

Drone photography and video can provide you with complete visibility of your assets, personnel, equipment, and worksite at all phases of a project. By optimizing project efficiency and helping you verify your assumptions, drone photography saves you time and money.

Our high-resolution photography enables you to take advantage of tactical opportunities in cost reduction and process improvement while keeping your eye on the big picture. One-click access to the complete photographic record enhances quality and safety with no new equipment to buy.

Our drone photography and video services provide you with:

Remote Progress Monitoring and Safety

Daily 360° aerial panoramic photos facilitate ongoing site monitoring with a full visual timeline.

Seamless Operation in Confined Spaces

Perform inspections in GPS-deprived environments without risking personnel in cramped areas.

Protection and Maintenance for Your Equipment

Identify irregularities and verify setup while technicians monitor a live video feed remotely.

Greater Worksite Efficiency

Reduce time spent searching inventory and prevent congestion by monitoring traffic flows.

Easier Asset Management

Confirm asset conditions by receiving crisp pictures and video of any asset from all angles.

Effective Thermal Imaging

Quickly identify or monitor temperatures throughout operations, from an aerial perspective, every pixel has a temperature assigned to it. Capture RGB data and thermal data simultaneously for an added benefit.

Faster Emergency Response

Respond to incidents safely, alerting worksite crews to hazards and documenting conditions.

Simpler Heavy Equipment Moves

Pinpoint and document issues in heavy equipment moves with real-time aerial footage.

Better Safety Standard Adoption

Monitor activity to promote adherence to safety standards and communicate potential issues.

With Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, integrated drone technology solutions become your “eye in the sky.” We act as a seamless extension of your operation, providing the services you need when you need them. You’ll never have to invest in training, equipment, or licensing.

To find out more about any of our services, contact the team at Eye-bot Aerial Solutions today.