Eye-bot has spent an extensive amount of time custom tailoring our services for the telecommunications industry. We have perfected the art of photogrammetry, allowing us to create 3D models of your assets that are accurate to scale and position. With our models, we are able to provide more data with better accuracy in a faster and safer manner than the traditional method of climbing a structure. All of the information in our models come from a single source that is verified using traditional surveying practices. Never rely on questionable information again!

Using a wide range of equipment, we take hundreds of photos of your asset and sift them through several programs to generate our 3D models. These models are composed of millions of points with a precise location known for each one. By importing these models into software such as AutoCAD, these point clouds can be thoroughly analyzed and measured with extreme precision. Our models reflect the true condition of the area at the time the data was collected. In addition to showing the current state, future designs can be integrated and visualized in the existing environment as well. There is virtually no limit to the use of this information.

We not only provide this information but work with you to integrate it into your day-to-day operations. We have several delivery options available and can customize the final product to suit all of your needs. Whether you need a web-based model that is accessible from a mobile device or a geographic solution that organizes all of your assets around the globe, we have you covered. To see a few examples of our web-based demo models, please enter your contact information in the form below.

Check out of our demo models for yourself!

Check out our demo models for yourself!

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