PA Chemicals Utilizes Aerial Drone Technology to Capture Data in Real-Time on a Large Ethane Cracking Plant

PA Chemicals Case Study

Managing a Multibillion-Dollar Construction Project

As a full-service unmanned aerial vehicle service provider, Eye-bot Aerial
Solutions captures highly accurate reality data at a rate of 250 acres per hour.
The Pennsylvania-based company produces high-resolution 3D reality models
and images for organizations in oil and gas, construction and infrastructure,
power and utilities, and insurance. Its services include inspection, monitoring,
aerial survey, and 3D modeling.

In June 2016, Shell Polymers took the Final Investment Decision to construct
a world-scale ethane cracking plant in western Pennsylvania, United States,
to create polyethylene. The multibillion “Pennsylvania Chemicals Project” is
positioned in a strategic location where 70 percent of North America’s
polyethylene demand is within 700 miles. With proximity to rail, river, and
interstate transportation, PA Chemicals can easily bring heavy equipment
onto the site and, when the project is completed, easily transfer the
polyethylene offsite.

The plant is being built where a former zinc smelting facility had been on a
386 acre plot that is approximately 3 kilometers long and 1km across at its
widest point. The PA Chemicals includes the Ethylene Cracker Unit (ECU) with
seven furnaces and 3x polyethylene manufacturing units producing high- and
low linear density polyethylene. The process is driven by 250-megawatt of
electricity generated by the on-site power plant equipped with three
gas-fired turbines.

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