No Throw-Away Drone Data Allowed: How the Right Data Provides a Single Source of Truth for Critical Assets in Any Industry

Eye-bot Aerial Solutions Drone in the Field Capture

Remote access to critical assets is more important than ever.

The earlier that a project or asset starts collecting high quality, consistent data, the more insights you will be able to extract, and the richer the data will be into the development of a digital twin. Transparency, among every constituency, is one of the best means to mitigate risks. Establishing a single source of truth for your asset or construction project enables all necessary stakeholders to reference the same consistent data.

Eye-bot and Commercial UAV News led a free webinar to discuss how the right data collection and technical know-how can generate the highest quality data to manage your asset, critical infrastructure, or construction project.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to reduce time and cost inspecting your assets and critical infrastructure using high quality, consistent data — through remote monitoring!
  • How Eye-bot’s, geoXD network enhances the value of high quality, visual data
  • to understand the value of drone data for predictive analytics
  • to recognize the value of reality model vs. design

Let’s get you started with the recorded version of the webinar. Request it today.

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