Webinar | Advantages of Drone Photogrammetry Over Conventional Surveying From Eye-bot Aerial Solutions

Reality Model by Eye-bot Aerial Solutions

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In a recent webinar with Virtuosity, a Bentley Company, Eye-bot discusses the advantages of drone photogrammetry over conventional surveying. Dakota Campbell, the Geospatial Analyst at Eye-bot Aerial Solutions, presented how Eye-bot successfully generated topographic and CAD deliverables with survey-grade accuracy of an unsafe and inaccessible embankment.

The webinar covered these topics: 

  1. Use Case: Advantages of Drone Photogrammetry over Conventional Surveying.
  2. The value of Virtuosity “Keys” (tokens) and how you can increase productivity with our tailored training and support package.

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To view the webinar you must register with Virtuosity at the link below.

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