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Eye-bot’s solutions allow for meticulous planning and execution of reality modeling solutions for seamless project and asset monitoring.

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Capture, process, visualize, and analyze assets from anywhere.

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Spatial Awareness Planning

  • ELaydown areas
  • ECrane locations
  • EScaffolding
  • ETruck clearances
  • EArea expansions

Comms and Collaboration

  • EReduce cost & time of travel
  • EShared information resource
  • EVirtual site walkthrough
  • EMore informed project bids
  • EAttach info to visual models

Safety & Training

  • ERoute planning
  • EShared information resource
  • EContractor communications
  • EPermitting
  • EEmergency planning

Our approach can be up to 90% more cost effective than traditional solutions. 

Pennsylvania Chemicals

Data that doesn’t suck.

We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we take pride in what we put forth and hold ourselves accountable for outcomes both good and bad. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we will work with you to make sure the data you receive meets and exceeds your expectations.

What our clients are saying.

"Constructing the plant of the future means embracing digitalization. In construction, Digital is about advancing the technology that helps us stay on top of progress and assure quality while keeping people safe. In that respect, the 3D reality mesh modeling technology has made a profound impact on ways of working on the Project, rendering benefits above and beyond what we had imagined when starting the modeling program at the onset of the main construction phase."

Dmitry Gurevich, Information Technology Manager with Shell Polymers

I would say that the drone inspection of our ~100ft tall pressure vessel was a pretty substantial time and cost saver our project, not to mention the considerable hazard that was avoided associated with entering the confined space.  Building a scaffold from the top down through the only manway access would have been complex and time consuming in its own right, and would have involved crane movements, emergency response and several different trades to pull off.  To say it was substantially easier to send a drone in would be an understatement, and with the high quality video that we got out of the inspection I would say that our certainty of the cleanliness in the vessel as at least as good as what it could ever have been expected to be had we sent men in. 

Nick Skrzelinski, Mechanical Startup – Pennsylvania Chemicals, Bechtel Energy 

"My first project with the Eye-bot team was a fast and furious one! A colleague introduced me to them and within 48hrs their crew was mobilized and filming for me in a remote location in PA. They have that customer-first attitude and are willing to adapt & pivot to their clients' needs.”

Production Advisor Visual Communications, Shell