Customized software stack to accurately align, clean, validate, and optimize 2D and 3D data.

Data processed with a human touch

Innovative technology comes with new unforeseen challenges. 

Data processing isn’t as easy as drag and drop. Most automated applications don’t address coordinate systems, geoids, image correction, proper coverage, merging sensor types, data formats; all of which are factors that rely on human intervention to ensure a complete reality model. 

Reality Modeling Product Suite 

Every project we deliver includes valuable 2D and 3D layers, all of which are created by our customized solution and QC’d by our team of humans in Pittsburgh, PA. 

2D Orthomosaic  

Detailed 2D top-down view of an area delivered in a JPEG format that doesn’t require a fancy viewer to start using.  

3D Mesh Model  

Photorealistic centimeteraccurate model of an asset that won’t break your computer or budget. 

3D Point Cloud 

Static and Mobile point clouds provide precise visualization and accuracy of interior spaces and ground level features. 

3D Topographic Survey 

Virtual surveys produce traditional CAD maps that provide insight for Grading Plans, Hydrology Studies, Stormwater Runoff, Volumetric Calculations, Civil Design/Engineering, and Environmental Compliance.  ures. 

CAD Planimetric 

A 2D visualization of man-made features throughout an asset such as impervious surfaces, roads, tanks, buildings, manholes, and catch basins. Enables integration with Autodesk, Bentley Systems, ArcGIS, and other third-party software. 

Surface Modeling 

Digital Elevation Models derived from aerial data provide elevation data across surfaces. Track waterflow, model land movement, and derive slope analysis’ which create efficiencies for environmental compliance.