Accurately capture the as-built condition with little to no disruption of daily operations. 

See what you’ve been missing 

Satellite data is unreliable, outdated, and inaccurate. Laser scanning is time consuming, cumbersome, and expensive. Our 3D aerial capture methodology brings out the fine details in the hard-to-reach places while covering hundreds of acres per day.  

Centimeter-level accuracy 

Integrates with your existing information 

Proprietary processes

Reduces time and cost of travel  

Photorealistic, lightweight, and non-invasive.

Covering large-scale assets from the air provides insight and detail into the hard-to-reach places. As-built documentation used to be an expensive and time-consuming process. Leveraging our proprietary aerial approach, we cover large complex assets in days instead of weeks or months.  

Our clients get an accurate, lightweight product that is captured without the hassle of having crews all over their site. This provides a baseline visualization for asset management, digital twin layers, shutdown turnaround planning, and general site awareness.  

Our proprietary aerial capture methodology includes a suite of 2D & 3D products from a single collection. 

We realize everything can’t be seen from the air.

For what can’t be captured from the air, we leverage laser scanners to fill in, which ends up being a fraction of the effort and cost needed compared to laser scanning only.   

New technology is expensive and time consuming to learn.

Eye-bot’s 30+ years of combined experience and professional land survey oversight ensures that you’re getting the latest technology, workflows, and applications to deliver accurate and thorough site data.  

Other services we offer clients:

  • ETerrestrial & Mobile LiDAR
  • EConfined Space Inspections
  • EThermal Inspections
  • EFilm and Photography Media
  • EConsulting