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Our certifications and decades of expertise to fly over assets in oil and gas, construction and infrastructure, power and utilities, and buildings in between, simply means we are very adept at everything it takes to digitize projects. Our consulting side of every engagement is to build your confidence in our aerial solution which delivers a single source of truth.

3D Survey & Engineering Reality Models

3D Mesh, Surface extraction (shown in MicroStation) 

Survey & Engineering Ready 3D Reality Models

Collapse field time by up to 90% and reduce costs by up to 50%. Eye-bot’s 3D scanning enables multiple stakeholders with the appropriate outputs from the resulting 3D reality models.  Eye-bot utilizes state-of-the-art data technology for survey, photogrammetry, and liDAR data collection.  And, our back-office ensures all stakeholders have the data they need.

Construction Verification

Enable all stakeholders involved with accurate and appropriate data from field measure to construction verification or as-built. Our 3D laser scanning services of interiors and exteriors are highly accurate (MM level) and support decisions during the stages of design, space definition, prefabrication, construction and dimensional control. Whether you are an asset owner/manager or a construction firm, the one that finishes with the best data wins.

Construction verification

Installation verification (shown in Veerum) 

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring (shown in Trendspek) 

Remote Monitoring

Reduce travel time, field time and survey costs. Increase safety and efficiency. Enable remote time-critical visual inspections. Afford more strategic planned maintenance with terrestrial and  aerial solutions. Teams collaborate, track, plan and predict the expected and unexpected on every project with enhanced data visualization.

Asset Management

High-quality reality capture enables data visualization of the most complex environments. Quicker analysis. Accuracy at scale. Rapid capture. We have you covered. Monitor from anywhere in the world with our data set to get a Single Source of Truth.

3D Dam Flythrough

Drone Inspections

High-resolution image and video of hard-to-reach places 

UAS Inspections & Confined Spaces

What may take weeks of life-risking inspections will be completed by drones in days. In those hard-to-reach spaces, like under bridges and inside vessels, our FAA and confined space approved drone pilots let you inspect and monitor assets, inside or out, from the comfort of your office. Then, you will have the most comprehensive data set, delivering the highest visual quality and accuracy.

Digital Twin

Eye-bot’s best-in-class, comprehensive data sets act as a visual backbone to your digital twin. Our software agnostic approach allows you to utilize your data where and when you need it. From VR to Asset Management, once initial data is collected, Eye-bot can automate the future captures to continuously provide your digital twin with evergreen data. 

Digital Twin

Millions of polygons making up the 3D Surface of a Digital Twin 

Manage your data, project and more like never before.

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