3D Large Scale Photogrammetry is enabling companies to:

Reduce unnecessary travel
Increase Safety
Monitor Changes
Meet compliance standards
Train and on-board

Are you approaching your bids the old-fashioned way?

Still relying on outdated satellite imagery?

Still having contractors visit sites to produce bids?

Still using outdated 2D drawings to plan?


As-built 3D Drone Model overlayed with a 3D topographic map

Are you spending more money than you should?

Unnecessary travel costs continue to burden companies and have adverse effects on the environment. Eye-bot’s proprietary approach to 3D Large-Scale Photogrammetry allows companies to benefit from our advanced methods of data collection and data processing to visualize most sites in less than a week. Our team can deploy Drone large scale photogrammetry services that cover hundreds of acres per day to produce cm accurate, 2D and 3D models to enable project stakeholders to visit any site from their computer.

Eye-bot industrial park shoot

3D Large Scale Drone Photogrammetry model easily accessible through computer or tablet

Did You Know?

Large-scale aerial photogrammetry is becoming an essential part of asset management, capital projects, land surveying, construction, and engineering. Data derived from drone photogrammetry, sometimes known as a Reality Model, is a safer way for stakeholders to visualize the as-is conditions of their assets and project. Eye-bot then configures this data to be used in industry leading CAD, GIS, and Asset Management software from companies like AutoDesk, Bentley Systems, Esri, and more. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Advanced 3D mapping and modeling solutions

Under the direct supervision of a Licensed Professional Surveyor, coupling Large Scale Aerial Photogrammetry and traditional surveying applications, the Eye-bot team delivers advanced 3D mapping and modeling solutions for boundary, surface, and topographic surveys on any project. Providing our clients with accurate data for compliance and saving both time and money when compared to conventional surveying methodologies alone. Drone Photogrammetry is opening the doors to a new way of collaboration.

Our team specializes in 2D and 3D drone vizualization of assets around the world

Years of experience capturing a weekly 2D and 3D Large-Scale Photogrammetry model of a multi-billion-dollar construction site, has positioned us as leaders in the space of 3D Drone Photogrammetry. The efficiencies developed by our team can help you to reduce risk and increase ROI. 

Inaccurate and inconsistent data costs time and money. Eye-bot can deliver survey grade, Large Scale Photogrammetry Drone Services for every use in a project or asset lifecycle.  It is through our methods of Large-Scale Photogrammetry that we safely enable better collaboration between architects, engineers, general contractors, and the project owners. Whether you seek high resolution cm accurate Digital Elevation Model or a 3D Topographic map of your site, our team of industry experts deliver what you need to be safe and successful. 

Eye-bot industrial park shoot

Did You Know?

3D Asset Visualization provides project stakeholders a better understanding of the as-built conditions of the site. Eye-bot’s 3D Drone Asset Visualization allows for better identification of potential conflicts and/or errors in design compared to traditional 2d plans. Contact us today to learn more!

Our team also specializes in Large-Scale Photogrammetry monitoring for continuous vizualization

Construction Monitoring timelapse using Eye-bot’s Large-Scale Drone Photogrammetry services on a multi-billion-dollar construction site

Companies working on major projects are realizing significant benefit from Eye-bot’s Drone Photogrammetry Services through continuous applications of a single dataset.  Early stages of site documentation and conceptualization, to monitoring construction progress and verifying as-built accuracy, our detailed data will provide your team with complete digital records of any site, regardless of size leveraging Large-Scale Photogrammetry.

Interior 3D asset visualization

Our team also specializes in interior 3D asset visualization for where a drone can’t see from the air. Companies are realizing significant benefit from Eye-bot’s combined 3D Laser Scanning and Drone Services.  Early stages of site documentation and conceptualization, to monitoring construction progress and verifying as-built accuracy, our detailed data will provide your team with complete digital records of any site, regardless of size.

Featured Case Study

Learn more about how Shell leveraged Eye-bot’s drone photogrammetry services to better manage the construction of their multi-billion-dollar ethylene cracking plant

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