Our Certifications and Industry Standards

Eye-bot is registered as a Business Partner with PENNDOT with the following relationships approved: Bridge Consultant, Bridge Planning Partner, Construction Contractor, Consultant, Rail Freight, Ports, Waterways, Small Business Applicant.

An unprecedented level of transparency

Cost overruns, missed timelines, vendor underperformance, safety, and inventory management considerations are among the contributors to the risk profile of any capital project. Transparency, among every constituency, along with every link of the delivery chain, is the best means to mitigate these risks. Eye-bot provides an unprecedented level of transparency and the ability for cross-functional teams to coordinate their efforts and ensure the successful completion of a construction project.

Eye-bot is a safety-focused, full-service UAV (drone) provider. We use the latest technology to provide companies accurate, usable data that reflects the current state of their assets. We use a variety of data collection sources to ensure the most accurate and relevant data is delivered to you safely every time.

Eye-bot offers full service and consulting on all our data collection, data processing, and data delivery methods. As a safety-driven service provider, we developed our Safety Management System based on the same regulations as a Commercial Airline, far exceeding the necessary safety standards set forth by the FAA.

Eye-bot specializes in the creation of high-resolution 3D reality models of physical assets and projects. In the global economy, a single source of truth allows you to easily share this visual data with all necessary stakeholders around the world. This significantly reduces the need for onsite visits saving significant amounts of time and money. We capture highly actionable 3D models at a rate of 100 acres per hour while offering industry-leading turnaround times to give you access to your data instantaneously.

Our Differentiators

Discover what sets us apart from the rest:


Thermal, Confined Space and Aerial Inspection


Variety of data collection, processing and delivery methods to suit needs


Safety Management System developed using manned aircraft regulations


Strategic industry partnerships with all major suppliers


Standardized operations and quality assurance processes


Site-specific safety guide developed for every operation


Drone, sensor and software agnostic


Industry-leading data processing and delivery speeds

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