Partnerships. It’s What We Desire.

We work with best of breed technology partners. These partners are not limited to innovators, analysts, GIS professionals, software and hardware developers, but we all must share one goal… to efficiently and effectively deliver a single source of truth to the asset manager.

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Solution Integrators

Together we are achieving the best visual asset in the business, and the best customer solution possible. As a solution integrator, we recognize that your customers are your most important asset. Together, with our solution integrators you will have the competitive edge to meet all customer requirements.

Referral Partners

Referring business is a 2-way street for us! If we recommend a particular company, and its services we know that there is something of value there. We encourage you to learn more about our referral partner program and how you can mutually benefit financially when your refer business opportunities that are not tied directly to your business’ core products.

Authorized Resellers

Our authorized resellers will actively market and sell our professional services like confined space inspections, and identify customers in their channel. We are thrilled to join our resellers’ sales process to support through product demonstrations and use cases. We want to be the tool in the toolbox that you pull out most often!

Our Benefits

We want to be the tool in the toolbox for our partners. Whether strategic, like 1 + 1 = 3, or part of a reseller strategy, we are bundling visualization with asset management to provide that single source of truth on capital projects.

Our Partnerships

Hardware plus software partnerships demonstrate the rising value of data-driven end-to-end solutions. Eye-bot’s best value to the end-user is that together with strategic partners we are tackling clients’ needs: actionable data.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to providing the best customer experience possible. We partner with and hire only the best-in-breed so that we put customers and quality of product first. Collect. Digitize. Analyze. Predict.

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