Are you still hand measuring projects?

Are you tired of the utilization costs just to measure and draft a new project? Quit spending weeks in the field measuring and revisiting your project.

Looking for an innovative solution to your operations workflow? We provide your traditional 2D & 3D deliverables overlayed on visual 3D point clouds. 

Let us bring your project to your desktop!

New Technology is Expensive and Time Consuming to Learn

Eye-bot’s 30+ years of combined experience and professional land survey oversight ensures that you’re getting the latest technology, workflows, and applications to deliver you accurate and thorough site data. Our combination of technologies help you reduce travel and drafting costs, while optimizing your workforce utilization.

“It would take my drafters 3 weeks just to measure this project before they could begin the drafting process.”

More Affordable Than You Might Think

Arrange your FREE discovery session to discuss this opportunity & the goals for your firm. We’ll talk about the deliverable options, implementation of digital assets, and the incredible time savings.

You’ll receive insights on how Eye-bot has serviced the largest construction site in the United States through survey accurate visual data and how it’s changed the way they work and interact. Most of all, you will see if your firm is a good fit to implement our 3D Laser Scanning Services.

Do I need to use special software?

Most likely, no. We are a software agnostic company which means we collect data and deliver it in the formats you already use so you don’t have to spend more time and money rolling out new software to your company.

Who is responsible for accuracies?

We take 100% liability for the accuracy of our data. You and your contractors will have an independently collected and verified dataset to work from with guaranteed accuracy by our in-house Professional Land Surveyor.

Why Eye-Bot?

We are an independent service provider that offers affordable data visualization, As-built verification, scan-bim, scan-plan and construction monitoring. The resulting data will take days or even weeks off your current workload.

Our Passion is Helping People Like You.

In business since 2015, we have evolved with the growing demands of our clients.  We have embraced the new direction they have taken us by not only refining our drone based 3d product offerings but by adding ground based terrestrial scanning, and state of the art mobile mapping technology.  This allows for complete interior and exterior digitization of projects or assets, all with survey oversight and available in the format that you require to improve your bottom line.

Data Uses Throughout The Project Lifecycle

Schematic Design

  • Preliminary Floor Plans
  • Imagery (Don’t rely on client)

Design Development

  • CAD Drawings
  • 3D Point Clouds
  • 3D Massing

Construction Documentation

  • Inform Blueprint Design

  • Identify Key Elevations

  • Exterior 3D Model

  • Interior Point Cloud

  • Inform Contractors through buildout


  • All digital data previously provided can accurately inform this step

  • Our team can support and execute boundary and ALTA/NSPS surveys

Construction Administration

  • Monitor Progress & inform stakeholders on project details

  • Quality Control

  • Visual Inspections

  • Thermal Imaging

  • 2D maps

  • 3D models

  • Final As-built

Why we are Different

We understand the challenges these past two years have posed on our clients. More individuals are working remotely and not traveling quite as much but still need the same level of detail as if they  were on site to make informed decisions. We have created efficiencies in our capture processes to ensure you have the data you need in the environment you use to be successful.  

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St Mary of Czestochowa | Project Case Study

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