Drone Photography and Data Visualization Services

Benefit Your Business in Powerful New Ways.

Delivering high-resolution drone photography and data visualization services 

Eye-bot’s Professional Team provides solutions for various industries, including oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, and architectural and engineering services.Capture a hundred-acre asset with precision, detail, and accuracy.  Get detail-rich aerial photos to make informed and actionable decisions.  Our team has also been spotted with entire video production companies because of our expertise in aerial drone photography services — providing the birds-eye view vantage point! Our high-resolution imagery is accessible directly from the models created via 3D scanning. This access lets you take advantage of tactical opportunities, data visualization, cost reduction, and process improvement while keeping your eye on the big picture. One-click access to the complete photographic record enhances quality and safety with no new equipment to buy.

Reduce travel expenses.  Increase safety.  Create greater efficiencies.

See how drone photography and data visualization services will benefit your business in powerful new ways.

Eye-bot Memorial Day Drone Photography

Why Choose Eye-Bot?

Here are a few great resons to use our Drone Photography and Data Visualization services:

Remote Progress Monitoring and Safety

Remote progress monitoring and safety daily 360° aerial panoramic photos facilitate ongoing site monitoring with a full visual timeline.

Protection and Maintenance for Your Equipment

Identify irregularities and verify setup while technicians monitor a live video feed remotely.

Better Safety Standard Adoption

Monitor activity to promote adherence to safety standards and communicate potential issues.

Seamless Operation in Confined Spaces

Perform inspections in GPS-deprived environments without risking personnel in cramped areas.

Site Effective Thermal Imaging

Quickly identify or monitor temperatures throughout operations, from an aerial perspective, every pixel has a temperature designation assigned to it.

Save time and money with Drone Photography and Data Visualization Services.

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