Eye-bot is proud to be a sponsor of the 27th Annual ARC Industry Leadership Forum

February 6-9, 2023 – Orlando, Florida

Our team will be at booth #32 discussing how we are helping companies drive sustainability, collaboration, and performance through digitalization.

The Reality Modeling Challenge

Do it yourself vs Done with you vs Done for you

Eye-bot can help you, regardless of your approach to reality modeling. Below are just a few common hurdles that we can help you overcome:

  • Understanding various data collection hardware (aerial vs ground based) 
  • Survey coordinate systems (global, local, plant grids) 
  • Data processing requirements and software applications
  • File types differ from software to software; how do you maximize the use of your reality data
  • Data request and distribution to internal and external users
  • Understanding various data outputs (2D, 3D, CAD, BIM) and how all be achieved through proper capture and processing 
  • Understanding software/data compatibility. One capture, many uses.
  • Merging various data types and how cohesive data outputs can give you a full 360-degree view of your asset


Immediate Benefits

Eye-bot Reality Modeling Services Provide an Accurate, Repeatable, Turn-key Geospatial Solution for Site Digital Transformations.

Shareable Among Multiple Stakeholders

  • Break down communication silos, reduce conflicts, and increase collaboration using a single source of truth data set
  • Create a reliable set of information to bring a project online quicker and within budget

Construction Planning & Verification

  • Share accurate data to inform the bid process
  • Optimize Shutdown, Turnaround Planning
  • Avoid rework
  • Plot plan overlay
  • Less unplanned downtime

Integrate Data with Your Existing Software Portfolio

  • ESRI
  • Bentley
  • Google Earth
  • AutoCAD
  • And more…

Increase safety

  • Reduce on site foot traffic with visual maps and models
  • Planning and identifying low light conditions
  • Risk mitigation

Meet Industry Compliances

  • Secondary containment calculations for SPCC facilities
  • Environmental surface water flow assessments

Reduce Site Travel and Unnecessary Carbon Emissions

  • Virtual site walkthroughs
  • Perform linear, area, and volume measurements
  • Conduct remote inspection

About Eye-bot

Eye-bot is an award-winning, safety-focused provider of advanced survey, aerial, and mobile mapping technologies. Our proprietary methods of data collection and processing enable you to populate your geospatial data in the files, formats, and software that you need it in. As a software agnostic company, our highly accurate geospatial data acts as a base layer for your digital twin and provides a single source of truth to streamline communications, optimize planning, and increase safety in any type of environment.