Artificial Intelligence isn’t coming. It’s here.

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Even those on the outside looking in the current topics that dominate the technology, you’ve likely heard the phrases ‘big data’, ‘artificial intelligence (AI)’ and ‘machine-to-machine learning (M2M)’.  

Artificial Intelligence

There is so much talk of these technologies and the promise of what they will bring in the future that many of us don’t stop to consider how those technologies are delivering value today.

Much of the conversation around AI and related technologies focus on personal impact. It doesn’t stop there. The continuing impact of AI on construction, oil & gas and infrastructure is just getting started – fully autonomous machines, swarms, more frequent collects to support 4D, and drive the evolution of digital twin capabilities and their use in the heavy industry sector.  As predictive analytics and IIoT (industrial internet of things) advance, the legacy models of capital asset construction and management will be transformed. 

To get a better sense of how drones and AI will continue to be integrated, we are sharing this article originally printed on UAV Coach.

Let your imagination run.  The possibilities are only limited by your vision.

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