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Take hold and standardize your aerial drone solutions.

Eye-bot’s consultative approach to training empowers your field team to be part of the aerial solution that you require on your job site.

Whether safety, monitoring or effectively managing a project life cycle, our team transfers knowledge about the right data to collect and the best hardware/software to use. Because collecting bad drone data will lead to worse decisions than if you collected no drone data in the first place.

With Eye-bot’s standardized training, we help management sleep better knowing that their drone solutions program is safe and compliant. Experienced and certified, Eye-bot pilots will train your team to gather insights – from onsite training to documentation on the photogrammetric process.

Complete solutions

Eye-bot navigates the drone regulatory environment, from Flight Over People, to night flights, to operating in complex airspace. Our clients have identified the top benefits from our Certification & Training Professional Services.


Ensure Compliance


Increase Confidence


Generate ROI faster


Improve Safety


Provide Unique Access


Establish Consistent Processes

We are committed to ensuring team safety with drones. 

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